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This grand instrument really needs a home

This grand and exciting organ was built in 1885, and has never been altered. It was still in its original home when the Organ Clearing House disassembled and packed it during the summer of 2001. Funding for the organ's removal was provided by members of the Organ Historical Society following an appeal at the Society's convention in Winston-Salem last summer. The purchase price for the organ will cover those expenses, allowing us to repay those who made it possible to preserve the organ. Our work with this organ was the subject of an article in the NEW YORK TIMES, Saturday July 7, 2001 (Arts & Ideas). The organ is in storage in New Hampshire - there are several similar organs by the same builder in playable condition that can be visited for comparison. The restoration of this wonderful organ is a very special opportunity.


Pertinent Details

Date: 1885
Opus: 638
Approximate location:
Lebanon, NH
Asking price:
USD 55,000.00
Height: 24 ft.
Width: 21 ft.
Depth: 7 ft.