Manual I

8’ Gedackt oak
4’ Prinzipal 70% tin
II-III Mixtur 70% tin

Manual II

8’ Gemshorn spotted metal
4’ Rohrflöte spotted metal
2’ Prinzipal 70% tin
1 1/3’ Quinte 70% tin


16’ Subbass wood
4’ Choralbass spotted metal

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Walcker around the block

Here is a fine instrument built by a well-known firm, suitable for use in a small chapel, practice room, or large residential room. Proven engineering for reliable performance and clear voicing combine to make this a fine value.

Additional Details:

Couplers II-I, I-Ped, II-Ped operated by Pedal Pull Downs

Adjustable Organ Bench
Slider chests throughout
Mechanical Key and Stop Action
Electric motor (120 volts)) and blower by Meidinger
Blond Oak Casework
Aluminum Trackers
Wood is of "Marine" quality and not subject to changes of weather, humidity, heat, AC etc.
Relief valve provided on each channel to prevent ciphers.

Statement from the Seller:

The organ is currently installed in my music room. It is in good playing condition and is a wonderful practice instrument.

I purchased the organ about 8 years ago from Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia. It had been built for a small chapel there, and had more recently been moved to their recital hall, when their performing arts center was built.

There is a written history of all correspondence between the college and the builder, as well as all the service records from the college. At some time the Gedeckt and Principal on Manual One were re-voiced to give the instrument a little more depth and fundamental. I had the Dobson Organ firm replace some of the rollers.

[I am offering the organ for sale because] I am installing a larger instrument in my home.

Pertinent Details

Date: 1969
Opus: 5347
Approximate location:
near Minneapolis, MN
Asking price:
USD 15,000.00
Height: 9.33 ft.
Width: 6.25 ft.
Depth: 7.83 ft.
Height above is case; tallest Subbass pipe is 116 inches