8' Principal 61 pipes
8' Rohrflote Swell
8' Gemshorn Swell
4' Octave 12 pipes
4' Rohrflote Swell
2' Super Octave 12 pipes
III-IV Mixture 208 pipes


8' Rohrflote 61 pipes
8' Gemshorn 61 pipes
8' Gemshorn Celeste T.C. 49 pipes
4' Rohrflote 12 pipes
4' Gemshorn 12 pipes
2' Gemshorn 12 pipes
1 1/3' Larigot 7 pipes
1' Sifflote 61 notes
16' Contre Trompette 61 notes
8' Trompette 61 pipes
4' Clarion 12 pipes


16' Principal 12 pipes
16' Bourdon 12 pipes
8' Principal Great
8' Rohrflote Swell
4' Octave Great
4' Rohrflote Swell
III Mixture Great
16' Contre Trompette 12 pipes
8' Trompette Swell
4' Clarion Swell


Swell to Great
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

Adjustable Combinations

Pistons No. 1-2-3-4
Affecting Full Organ

Pedal Movements

Balanced Expression Pedal-Swell Organ
Balanced Crescendo Pedal with indicator light


Concave, radiating pedal clavier
Organ bench with music shelf
Motor, blower, switch and power unit
Transparent music rack
Lights for music rack and pedal clavier
Oak wood finished to sample

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“Clever Unit”

Many small pipe organs have been built using “unit action,” a system that allows one rank of pipes to be used for several stops. For example, an eight-foot Principal can be wired to play an octave higher creating an “independent” four-foot Octave. Unification fails when an organbuilder tries to create a Mixture by borrowing from other ranks. This nine-rank instrument includes an independent Mixture, providing a “real” Principal Chorus. Well-built and well-conceived, this instrument would be useful for the small church or chapel, or for serious practicing at home.


Additional Details:

Manual compass: CC to C4, 61 notes Pedal compass: CCC to G, 32 notes Console: Detached. Tilting tablets. All electric. Pitch: A-440

Pertinent Details

M.P. Möller
Date: 1989
Opus: 11773
Approximate location:
Cincinnati, OH
Asking price:
USD 15,000.00
Height: 0 ft.
Width: 0 ft.
Depth: 0 ft.