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"Elegant, Refined, Robust"

This organ truly stands out. As you browse through our website you will find descriptions of many fine organs - we often use words like ""fabulous"", ""terrific"", and spectacular."" Since we have already used those words, there is nothing left to say about this instrument! The stoplist is comprehensive, casework is exquisite, fašade decoration is glorious, and you have to hear the sound to believe it. Individual pipe speech reflects the height of the voicer's art, and the various choruses are simply breathtaking. The organ is essentially fully playable and needs only minor renovation (new trackers, releather reservoir, gedeckt stoppers, etc.). Two days of regular service work would make it ""recital-ready."" Contact us right away to arrange to see, hear, and play this historic masterpiece.


Pertinent Details

Johnson & Son
Date: 1893
Opus: 788
Approximate location:
"Waterbury, CT"
Asking price:
USD 50,000.00
Height: 26.5 ft.
Width: 18.17 ft.
Depth: 12.33 ft.
"Height refers to fašade; swell box is 277"""