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Frank, my dear, we Do give a damn…

Frank Hastings joined the firm of E. & G.G. Hook as a draftsman when he was still a teenager. He quickly became one of the most valued members of the firm, was made a partner, and bought the shares of the founding brothers after their deaths. Under his direction the company continued to be known as one of the country’s premier organbuilders, and his legacy is preserved in hundreds of instruments still extant and in regular use. Here’s your opportunity to own a turn-of-the-century example. This fine organ is offered restored to original condition, or with judicious modification.

Pertinent Details

Hook & Hastings
Date: 1898
Opus: 1784
Approximate location:
Lebanon, NH
Asking price:
USD 98,000.00
Height: 16.25 ft.
Width: 10.5 ft.
Depth: 8.08 ft.